Which type of fence is best for you?

Fencing has become an integral part of house beautification and security enhancement. When it comes to choosing the types of fence then you have a number of options available in the market, but before you finalize the specific type for your need it’s important that you do the need analysis so that you select the right type.

types-of-fencesFence Companies will promote a different product but you don’t need them all, you need the one which is the best match for your requirement and that which fits your budget. Before you go ahead and finalise the type of fence you should look at the following aspects:

  • Types
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Form
  • Budget

Amongst the different types, the Side-by-Side (SBS), Board-on-Board (BOB) are the popular ones.

Let’s understand the difference between the two:
Side-by-Side Fence (SBS) –  This is one of themes popular and most preferred fence as it falls in the budgeted category. In the side-by-side fence the pickets are nailed with boards edge to edge. The only drawback these fences pose is the appearance of gap when the pickets begin to shrink and hence, it’s important that you regularly get it checked after installation.

Board-on-Board Fence (BOB)- In the Board on board the fence has vertical slats placed in an overlapping pattern.  This is also known as Shadowbox fence.

Apart from good looks, this fencing system offers privacy and offers a barrier to high-speed winds. However, the BOB fence requires the fence to nest deeper in the ground. This is mostly used by homeowners who have a swimming pool and need more privacy which side by side fence cannot offer.

Takeaways- The next time you plan to renovate your house and get the fencing done, do consider the aforementioned factors so that you get the best one installed.

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