What are the steps to take Best Care of Wood Fence?


As a defined border, a wood fence gives a much-needed attractive look to your home. It enhances the every bit of your abode. But with time, wood fence rots away. So it becomes essential to keep a few steps in mind while maintaining and conserving your wood fence.

Step 1 – Keep a check on Pickets

Keep a check on all the pickets of the fence to ensure no nails have bugged out or that none of them is rotted. Hammer the loose nails. If a picket is broken or rotting, replace it with a new one. If you have sectional fencing, check each of the sections to see it’s secure and safe.

Step 2 – Regular Cleaning

If you find any kind of mildew on any section of the fence, you must clean it right away. You can even put to use the variety of mildew cleaners available in the market. Or you can even apply soap and water and a scrub.  Then hose it with clean water. You must scrub the fence once every week with soap and water to remove all the dirt and filth that builds around it.

Step 3 – Coating Paint

After a few years, your wooden fence will definitely need a coat of paint or stain. You can do it with a brush, a roller or with a paint sprayer. Put on two coats of stain or paint, and don’t forget to give the first time to dry before you apply the next. If you haven’t used paint, then you may apply sealer every year, which constitutes the most protective way to maintain the fence’s durability.

Step 4 – Caulk Sealant

A caulk is a waterproof filler and sealant which is used in the building and repairing the wood fence watertight. Using caulk helps in effective wood fence maintenance. Putting caulk keeps out the moisture away and helps give the wood fence a much longer and durable life.

So here are the summarized yet the best ways to add life to your Wood Fence!

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