What are the best ways to add life to your Wood Fence?

If your property needs a border around the circumference, a fence fits the bill. You have a myriad of options or materials to choose from as you consider installing a new fence. Some materials are well-suited for low maintenance, but few demands great care and attention.

Custom Woodwork in Mckinney 139The most suitable choice for fencing is Wood. The unprocessed and rough look of wood engenders a perfect appearance to any style of landscape. To enjoy the more rustic visual of your wood fence, there is a need for its regular maintenance so as to upkeep it in a good condition and beautiful look. After fixing a sturdy post before building a fence, staining your wood fence becomes the next significant task to prevent the wood from moisture and keep it attractive.

With time and exposure to different weather conditions, fence wood tends to decompose. It begins to erode when exposed to moisture. It leads to two issues. First fungus can attack the wood, making it decay. Secondly, it is subject to dry rot, that can cause warping or cracking in the wood.

To protect it from such natural enemies, it’s vital that you keep the wood completely sealed from moisture. The stain you apply must cover each and every part of the wood exposed to wetness. You can also use stainless steel hardware in the wood fence because these metals won’t rust or warp. Use the products that include UV inhibitors to preserve the wood from the sun.

The fence needs regular maintenance at least every two-three years to prolong its life and help it stay sturdy and beautiful. The first thing is to clean it to remove all mildew (fungus). Different mildew cleaning solutions will make this process easier. All you need is to apply it with a scrub brush to wash away all mildew that collects on the surface of the wood.

You can even apply the paint or the stain to the fence to cover all exposed surfaces. After applying one coat, allow it to dry completely and then apply a second coat of stain to add long life to your fence.

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