Step-by-Step Instructions for Renovate a Faded Wood Fence

 Step-by-Step Instructions for Renovate a Faded Wood FenceFencing enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. But over a period of time, the fences tend to get faded and lose lustre. In this situation, it becomes important that you must invest in renovating and revamping the fence. You can easily find many fence contractors in Plano Tx but, if the work is preliminary then you can get the job done yourself. There are chances that you can save a lot of money which you would otherwise have to spend.

Steps to follow while renovating a faded fence –

The First Step to start renovating your fence is to clean it and get rid of any dust piling up on it. You can achieve this by power washing. Most of the homeowners have the equipment at home and that suffices to get the job done. This is perfectly well if you have an old fence. The professional equipment is more powerful and the concentrated pressure may damage the wooden fence. If you encounter this situation, you can connect with a wood fence repair company in Plano Tx to get the job done. But otherwise, you can do the job yourself. Begin with power washing to get rid of all the dust and withering wood and paint on it. Read more

How to decorate your fence this Christmas

How to decorate your fence this Christmas

How to decorate your fence this ChristmasOne can feel the Christmas vibe all over and why not! This is undoubtedly the most awaited time of the year. Right from the cleaning of the house to decorating it for the Christmas evening, each and every aspect of the Christmas preparation is lovable. Each one of us tends to decorate our homes in our own unique ways every Christmas. Right from your home to the fence, everything deserves to be decorated. Hence, here we are to give you some quirky ideas to decorate your fence as well. We hope, these ideas shall help you in deciding how to decorate your fence.

Floral decoration – One of the most beautiful ways of decorating your fence is opting for flowers. Pick the flowers that you love such as rose, lilies or orchids. You can even mix and match two different types of flowers & create a colour contrast. Flowers undoubtedly make your home and fence look gracious and welcoming. Read more

What factors should be considered while choosing the professional fence repair company for overall service satisfaction?

professional fence repair companyHaving a broken or damaged fence is an awful feeling as the property owner feels that the security is at a risk. Fence repair companies often publish lucrative advertisements to entice the customers into business and compromise with the quality of offered repair services. McKinney fence repair professionals believe in deploying the premium quality fences as well as offering combined serving to the clients with a complete range of contemporary fence repair solutions. With regular maintenance, the lifespan of fence doubles and no major damage occurs to the fence despite turbulent weather conditions.

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How to maintain your home fence after installation?

home fence after installation

A well-designed or constructed fence can surely add value to your property. Fences need to remain in the best possible condition throughout the year in order to extend the required support, strength, security, and boundary requirements expected of them. To cite an example, if you reside on a farm, it is essential that your fencing installations are well-maintained to prevent farm animals and crops. If a fence has sustained damage, cracks or lost its solidity, it is the time for its early repair or replacement.


Every fence needs a periodic review and maintenance for proper functioning and the perfect look. Here are some ways to ensure your fences are as sturdy as ever throughout the year. Read more

What are the best ways to add life to your Wood Fence?

If your property needs a border around the circumference, a fence fits the bill. You have a myriad of options or materials to choose from as you consider installing a new fence. Some materials are well-suited for low maintenance, but few demands great care and attention.

Custom Woodwork in Mckinney 139The most suitable choice for fencing is Wood. The unprocessed and rough look of wood engenders a perfect appearance to any style of landscape. To enjoy the more rustic visual of your wood fence, there is a need for its regular maintenance so as to upkeep it in a good condition and beautiful look. After fixing a sturdy post before building a fence, staining your wood fence becomes the next significant task to prevent the wood from moisture and keep it attractive. Read more

How to fix a sturdy post before building a fence?


If you’re aiming to install a fence, mounting in a mailbox or placing a basketball goal, it becomes very much essential to ensure your post stays sturdy and stiff for years to come. The best way is to seal them in concrete and make sure that the depth is ample enough to resist the elements.

The measurement of depth remains a questionable aspect for years.  We recommend that the post depth must reach approximately one-third of the fence height. There are varying factors which are to be considered while framing up the right decision. Without a doubt, both the height and weight of the fence constitute the key elements in deciding how deep a fence should be entombed. Next, is the quality of soil is considered where it has to be set. Always keep in mind; a leaned fence is the outcome of the poor or short depth in the ground or a large footing, or unanticipated soil issues. Read more