Step-by-Step Instructions for Renovate a Faded Wood Fence

 Step-by-Step Instructions for Renovate a Faded Wood FenceFencing enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. But over a period of time, the fences tend to get faded and lose lustre. In this situation, it becomes important that you must invest in renovating and revamping the fence. You can easily find many fence contractors in Plano Tx but, if the work is preliminary then you can get the job done yourself. There are chances that you can save a lot of money which you would otherwise have to spend.

Steps to follow while renovating a faded fence –

The First Step to start renovating your fence is to clean it and get rid of any dust piling up on it. You can achieve this by power washing. Most of the homeowners have the equipment at home and that suffices to get the job done. This is perfectly well if you have an old fence. The professional equipment is more powerful and the concentrated pressure may damage the wooden fence. If you encounter this situation, you can connect with a wood fence repair company in Plano Tx to get the job done. But otherwise, you can do the job yourself. Begin with power washing to get rid of all the dust and withering wood and paint on it.

The Second Step is to dry the fence. Before you paint it again, it is important that you must dry the fence completely. If its bright and sunny outside then it might take 3 days for the fence to get dry, in other conditions, it might take more time. Once the fence is completely dry, apply sealer or stain on it. The sealer will enhance the look of the old wooden fence. It is also advisable that you must paint the fence a shade darker than what you want. This is because the fence will be exposed to sunrays which will fade the colour. A darker shade will ensure that the fence looks good in the long run.

Hire A Help – Well, the DIY looks good and is a great way to decorate your fence but in case you are running short of time or want to get the work done at a quicker pace, hiring professional help is always good. DFW Fence and Arbor Pro is a renowned name when it comes to wooden fence repair and renovation. We have the professional help readily available. To know more you can contact us today.

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