Did you know following these steps could increase the longevity of wooden fence?

Fencing is a great way to ensure the security of the house and at the same time, it also helps in enhancing the beauty of the house. As compared to the traditional wooden fencing system, today we have myriads of options available in the market,

You can get the bamboo fence, wooden fence, iron or metal fence or a combination of any of the aforementioned types. But, if you are fond of wooden fencing then you take proper care of it wooden fence are susceptible to water and rain, over a period of time they tend to rot, thus, if you want the fence to last longer, it’s important that you should its due care.

What should be done?

  • Wooden fences that are being installed nowadays are made up of cedar or redwood. They are resistant to other elements but not as strong as Douglas fir.
  • If you are buying a wooden fence for posts then you must go for pressure-treated wood. The pressure treated wood is resistant to insects and moisture which is a must for fences that will be used for posts.
  • Once you have decided on the type of wooden fence, it’s important that you must take due care of it. It has been observed that within the first year may warp or split. In the next 5-8 years it may start to bend, however, it should last for at least 10-15 years if kept properly. Applying wood preservatives is a good way to keep the wooden fence well-maintained and safe.
  • Water-repellent preservatives and sealants are also a great way to keep the fence safe.
  • Usually, people have sprinklers placed close to the fence, this must be avoided.
  • While placing a fence, make sure that it is light-weight, try not to have vines and creepers running on the fence.
  • If you are using pressure-treated wood then you don’t need to invest in wood-preservatives etc. as it has been chemical-treated and is resistant to moisture, termites and insects.
  • Making right choice of wooden fence and quality of wood highly influences the durability and longevity of fences.

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