How to maintain your home fence after installation?

home fence after installation

A well-designed or constructed fence can surely add value to your property. Fences need to remain in the best possible condition throughout the year in order to extend the required support, strength, security, and boundary requirements expected of them. To cite an example, if you reside on a farm, it is essential that your fencing installations are well-maintained to prevent farm animals and crops. If a fence has sustained damage, cracks or lost its solidity, it is the time for its early repair or replacement.


Every fence needs a periodic review and maintenance for proper functioning and the perfect look. Here are some ways to ensure your fences are as sturdy as ever throughout the year.

1. Cleaning the Fence:- Scrub your wooden fence with a scrub brush and a soft detergent solution to remove the stains and dirt. For hard stains, you can even go for 1 to 2 cups of bleach with warm water. Don’t forget to wear gloves and glasses while working with hard cleaners.

2. Place Support for a loose fence:- If the fencing appears loose, add the rail to the posts with screws or with galvanized 3-inch nails. Fasten the fence to the new rail to add a desired support!

3. Fixing the leaning Post:- If you find a leaning post, dig around it till you reach the end. As you dig, pile up the soil in separate newspaper or alike so that you can easily refill the same later.

4. Adding a Sister Post:- You can even reinforce a battered post with a small post called as sister post. It is half the thickness of the original one with the same width. Cut the root of the sister post at a steep angle so you’ll able to put it on a stake. Place it in alongside original post.

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