How to fix a sturdy post before building a fence?


If you’re aiming to install a fence, mounting in a mailbox or placing a basketball goal, it becomes very much essential to ensure your post stays sturdy and stiff for years to come. The best way is to seal them in concrete and make sure that the depth is ample enough to resist the elements.

The measurement of depth remains a questionable aspect for years.  We recommend that the post depth must reach approximately one-third of the fence height. There are varying factors which are to be considered while framing up the right decision. Without a doubt, both the height and weight of the fence constitute the key elements in deciding how deep a fence should be entombed. Next, is the quality of soil is considered where it has to be set. Always keep in mind; a leaned fence is the outcome of the poor or short depth in the ground or a large footing, or unanticipated soil issues.

A good practice includes the scrapping of concrete against the fence post while pouring in the concrete mixture. It helps to create a sort of cone ahead the dirt about an inch or more. The concept is to siege the wood as when water running across the fence post, it will not meet the wood and rot it out. Concrete is porous so there will be a good amount of moisture in the post set in the concrete, but this method intends to cut down the amount of moisture to the maximum possible extent.

Once your post is all-set allow the concrete to dry and soil to settle. You can give a check to your work ensuring the string is fixed in a straight line. And that’s all for now, you have set the fence post, just start laying your boards.

Fence posts can be real trouble if doesn’t done with care and caution. Need more help?? Contact the panel of experts at McKinney Fence Repair Company who is always up for extending best possible assistance in account of installing quality fence that lasts for long.

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