A steel fence or aluminum one – what to choose?

Metal fence

We build fences for main two reasons, safety and security; for our family and property and to keep out criminal’s trespasser. Most popular and sensible choices are steel fence and aluminum, but which one is better? It depends on your preference and purpose for a fence. Here is some fact which can help you decide better.
Cost: before installing a fence, this is the first question which pops on our mind. As per cost, aluminum is a little bit cheaper than steel. Also if we include installation charges in steel because it’s not an easy work for an armature, steel is expensive but it’s also a small investment to make for your peace of mind.

Strength: main use of a fence is for protection, so it needs to be strong. Also, it needs to be last longer. Steel is known for its strength, in aluminum, it can easily bend, that would be the only drawback aluminum has. Steel fences are welded together rather than connected by bolts, so it increases the strength of your fence.

Maintenance: aluminum is totally maintenance free till some point but steel fences need to be maintained properly, most of the steel fence now day came galvanized and with powder coating but need regular rust-resistant paint to delay the oxidation. One needs to consider the maintenance cost also into the budget.

Surrounding: steel fences can be last longer for many years if it doesn’t get in contact with water. In an environment like pollution and heavy rain which accelerate corrosion, steel fence is not a wise choice. Aluminium is unscathed and resilient with any type of environment. Ice, water even sea water doesn’t affect its chemistry, so if you live by the seaside, the aluminum fence is a best one for you.

Appearances: the fence is also part of your home decor, its need to look good, if you’re looking for privacy or stylish boundaries then aluminum have many ranges to offer you. Unlike steel which only came in black or bronze, the aluminum wide range of color and style will compliment your homes surrounding.

Purpose: why do you need a fence? For protection or privacy, for protection, steel is undoubtedly the first choice, it’s high resistance and takes damage impact, but it also makes it heavy. Aluminum is lighter and will be useless against an intruder. Residency areas used aluminum fence most of the time, steel fence used in the industrial area, but if you are neighborhood which is not that much reliable. One must go with a steel fence.

Fences are important and sometimes necessary, steel fence and aluminum fence both have some pros and cons, but in the end, it all depends on the reason behind the fence, security or style, durability or cost efficient or resilient. Choose good quality fence like McKinney fence company of any material is highly important.

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