10 Questions to Ask Expert Fence Contractors Prior to Fence Installation

10 Questions to Ask Expert Fence Contractors Prior to Fence Installation

10 Questions to Ask Expert Fence Contractors Prior to Fence InstallationFiltering out the best fence company from amongst those available is a huge task. You need to look at their product line specialty, their goodwill in the market and numerous other factors. The most reliable option is to take suggestions from neighbours and friends who have had their homes fenced recently. There are a number of fence contractors in Mckinney, Texas who provide good quality services. Check out a few questions you should ask the fence contractors before hiring them:

Q. What type of Fencing Materials do you Install?
Fencing materials can be of wood, aluminium, chain-link fencing and synthetic fence. Though, Mckinney fence services are known for high quality and variety, it will be good to take adequate information about the materials the contractors provide before hiring them.

Q. Do you have a list of References?
It is beneficial to have a talk with the previous clients to get a feedback of the company. Always ask for 2-3 references.

Q. Are you Licensed?
Make sure that the contractors you hire are licensed otherwise any errors will fall on your head.

Q. How long has your Company been in Business?
The company should have at least 8-10 years of experience. Look for experienced companies instead of new ones like Dfw Fence And Arbor Pro.

Q. Does your Company hold Insurance Liability and Workman’s Compensation?
Both general liability and workman’s compensation are essential. While the former, protects the owner’s property against any damage, the latter protects the owner from any liability of employee injury.

Q. Will you contact my Utility Company to verify the Location of Buried lines?
The fencing company should contact the utility company to know the locations of power, gas and water lines.

Q. Are you members of the AFA – American Fence Association?
A preferable answer in this case is YES. Look for certified fence contractors as they are professionals.

Q. What the width of each Fence Panel you Install?
Usually, 6 feet and 8 feet width fence panels are available. Though 6 feet ones are cheaper but their installation is more expensive than 8 feet ones.

Q. What is the Manufacturer’s Warranty?
The warranty depends on the climate and the type of material used for fence. However, contractors usually offer 2-5 years of warranty.

Q. What is the waste removal Policy?
Good contractors shouldn’t charge extra for waste removal and if they do, it should be minimum. Make sure, the burden of clearing up the waste should not be on your heads.

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